“In a retrial held decades after his conviction, a court on Thursday acquitted an 85-year-old man of a 1985 murder in Kumamoto Prefecture… “‘There is no evidence that shows the defendant was the culprit and the court cannot accept he committed the murder,’ said presiding Judge Yoshihisa Mizokuni in handing down the ruling.”

There are many “producers” in this RLE but one is the group of lawmakers who created the criminal law that applied in this case. The “users” could include the original group of police and prosecutors that worked together to put Koki Miyata in jail. These “users” are responsible for making sure for making sure that they do their best to ensure that innocent people like Miyata are not sent to jail. Judges of course are also “users” of knowledge in the same way as they determine innocence or guilt. Alternatively, a TOK essay could frame the police and prosecutors as “producers” and judges as “users.”

A TOK essay on this PT and RLE could also look at the media and the public as groups of “producers” and “users.”


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