“The bottom of the monument at a Yomitan “sucidie cave” called Chibichiri Gama was vandalized by right-wing nationalists and walled up to protect it from further damage. Of the 140 peoplewho hid in the cave when the Americans landed 62 years ago, 84 took their lives.” https://www.stripes.com/news/okinawans-outraged-by-what-they-say-is-a-cover-up-of-military-urged-mass-suicides-during-wwii-battle-1.62503

“Last weekend [April 2007] the Japanese Ministry of Education instructed publishers of school textbooks to alter descriptions of the mass suicide of Okinawa civilians during the battle. The order included eliminating all references to the Japanese military’s direct role in the tragedies, erasing accounts in earlier texts that claimed the Imperial Japanese Army instructed Okinawans to kill themselves rather than submit to U.S. invaders.” https://www.stripes.com/news/okinawans-outraged-by-what-they-say-is-a-cover-up-of-military-urged-mass-suicides-during-wwii-battle-1.62503

Firstly, this article is from Stars and Stripes, a U.S. military publication. A reader (“user”) could view it as a source of accurate or inaccurate news depending on an individual’s nationality, perspective on the military, etc.

The Ministry of Education is in many ways the “producer” as it has full control over the Japanese history curriculum. Teachers and students are in some respects “users.”


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