“77-year-old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi chooses to work with Microsoft Excel to produce his beautiful works of art. His “paintings” are remarkably intricate works that mimic traditional Japanese paintings that offer scenic views of natural landscapes rich with cultural motifs.” https://mymodernmet.com/tatsuo-horiuchi-excel-spreadsheet-paintings/

There are a number of way Tatsuo Horiuchi’s art can be described; his use of Excel adds a layer to this RLE since the colors and composition can be described in purely mathematical terms. The description of his paintings from an Excel / math perspective do contrast with a more artistic evaluation of his work. However, artistic color, composition etc does have strong connection to mathematic regardless of whether or not not Excel is used.

Consider the perspective of a viewer of Horiuchi’s work. How is a viewer potentially affected (or not) by understanding the use of Excel in the work?

How might a particular kind of mathematician or a particular kind of artist / critic describe and explain Horiuchi’s art in ways that compare and contrast?

Image: https://mymodernmet.com/tatsuo-horiuchi-excel-spreadsheet-paintings/


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