This RLE offers a number of ways to look at possible links between past and present knowledge.

It is fairly easy to make arguments that show that aspects of knowledge in Mr.’s art work could not be possible without knowledge gained in the past. Here are some of the areas that could be investigated in an TOK essay on May 2020 Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Essay Prescribed Title #6 with this RLE:

  • The influence of previous pop artists and previous pieces of pop art on the work of Mr. This could include more general themes, topics, and trends but could also include specific techniques.
  • The influence of previous knowledge related to specific elements of Japanese culture, Japanese pop art, and Japanese pop artists.
  • How previous knowledge gained in technology (i.e. the hardware and software that Mr. requires to create the art) allows Mr. to create his art.
  • How a current critical analysis / interpretation of the art of Mr. is dependent on knowledge from earlier art criticism.
  • Links between Mr.’s art and the work of artists he is directly influenced by – e.g. Takashi Murakami.
  • The influence of Mr.’s art on more recent artists.

In all of the points above, the same types of arguments can be reversed to make the complete opposite point. Here are a few examples:

  • Although Mr. has been influenced by earlier pop artists and pop art, there are a number of ways in which he has created new knowledge through his art.
  • Even though Mr. has based parts of his work on older aspects of Japanese culture, his art has broken new ground.
  • Although a particular critical analysis of Mr.’s work is dependent on previous development in art criticism, there may be areas that offer new ways to analyze his pop art.

Image: A piece of art from the Japanese artist Mr.


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