“Students and alumni from Harvard and Yale disrupted the annual football game between the two elite universities on Saturday, occupying the field in New Haven, Connecticut, at half-time and demanding the colleges divest from investment in fossil fuels.” https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/23/harvard-yale-football-game-protest-fossil-fuels

This RLE can be linked to the “what is” / “why” part of the first sentence of TOK May 2020 Prescribed Title #1 in a number of ways. One way to approach this RLE regarding the first sentence is from the perspective of the protestors. People from the protestors’ perspective look at the evidence of the damage caused by fossil fuels and ask why is not more being done. Another way to look at it is through the work of scientists who are researching environmental issues.

The second sentence in May 2020 Prescribed Title #1 can be linked to the ideals and actions of the protestors and other like-minded individuals and groups. The decision to disrupt the football game goes a step further than some other kinds of protests to try and force change.

There are ethical issues with protesting in this manner and of course there are much larger ethical issues with the whole topic of fossil fuels. Human sciences could be discussed in a TOK essay with this RLE and May 2020 Prescribed Title #1 – psychology, sociology, economics are a few examples that have connections to the protestors as well as the use of fossil fuels.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/building-chimneys-clouds-coal-2058/


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