Immune Cell Migration in the Zebrafish Inner Ear.

The video above of an immune cell moving throughout the inner ear of a Zebrafish is groundbreaking. (The video is sped up for the sake of the viewer as the original footage is over an hour long). A TOK essay on May 2020 Prescribed Title #6 could use this RLE in a number of ways to discuss whether or not current knowledge is only possible with past knowledge. Here are some possible avenues of exploration that could argued either way:

  • The technology required to take this detailed video at the cellular level and possible links between previous forms of technology used to gather information about cells, cell movement, etc.
  • The knowledge gained through the sharing of the video online is possible due to knowledge gained in the past that helped create and develop websites like Youtube. Some of the these developments may have little to no connection to previous ones though.
  • Some current features in YouTube (e.g. playlists) can help increase the view count and impact of the cell migration video. These feature are to some extent linked to past developments that Youtube and other websites have made.
  • The degree to which the work of the scientists that made the video above is built on the work of previous researchers.


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