Utagawa Hiroshige’s ukiyoe “Hara on the Tokaido” is a RLE that can explored in a number of ways in a TOK essay on May 2020 TOK Essay Prescribed Title #4 RLE. One could argue that a particular theory is more important or is sufficient in understanding Hiroshige’s work.

On the other hand, a TOK essay could argue that a number of different theories are required. There are a number of topics / areas that have theories that could be applied to Hiroshige’s ukiyoe “Hara on the Tokaido.” The list below contains broad categories – a successful essay should look at specific theories within a particular category such as the examples given.

  • Art theory (e.g. formalism)
  • History (e.g. Modernization theory)
  • Social hierarchy (e.g. Marxism)
  • Gender studies (e.g. women’s studies specific to Japan)

Image: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukiyo-e#/media/File:Tokaido13_Hara.jpg


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