Prescribed Title #6 focuses on the link between present and past knowledge. RLEs with connections to religious knowledge systems are well-suited to this RLE. In many religious belief systems, a religious text, leader, etc is believed to possess a kind of knowledge that is timeless. So, in some respects present knowledge within a religious knowledge system may be fully dependent on past knowledge. However, there are many cases where religious beliefs and practices change over time as a result of changes in society, culture, etc.

Uber in Saudia Arabia allows female drivers to avoid picking up male passengers. A female driver taking a male passenger would be seen by many in Saudi Arabia as a violation of social and cultural norms. Even though Uber is quite new the way it is implemented in Saudi Arabia has to fit older traditions.

However, Saudi women only got the right to drive in 2018 so in some ways this RLE shows that present knowledge is not completely dependent on past knowledge.



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