The original poem (written in Japanese) is about women on Saipan who jumped off of a cliff during the latter stages of WWII as U.S. forces approached. There are a number of different translations in English that in some ways differ from the original. One such translation adds variation in line indentation to give the impression of women approaching the cliff edge.

Prescribed Title #6 is about whether or not present knowledge is possible without past knowledge. The translator of the poem would obviously have knowledge of Japanese poetry and language that is dependent on past knowledge. However, the translation above uses indentation that was not part of the original poem. It cannot be said that this element of the translation is wholly dependent on past knowledge (i.e. the original Japanese poem).

There are many other layers / angles of possible analysis that this RLE could be used to explore Prescribed Title #4. There are numerous elements of language, culture, and history that could be explored in depth.


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