“A Japanese monk is suing his temple, claiming he was forced to work non-stop catering to visiting tourists and that the heavy workload gave him depression, his lawyer said on Thursday.

The monk in his forties is seeking 8.6 million yen ($78,000) from his temple on Mount Koya, a World Heritage Site also known as Koyasan that is regarded as one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Japan.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/05/17/depressed-monk-sues-one-japans-sacred-buddhist-temples-non-stop/

May 2020 Prescribed Title #1 asks students to look at RLEs where some people try to investigate or understand a particular situation. Other people, on the other hand, have gone beyond looking into the “why” question and are trying to go deeper / further (i.e. the “what could be” in the second part of the PT).

In the case of the monk who is suing his temple he has gone beyond just looking at the reasons for the work situation at his temple. His lawsuit is an attempt to improve the situation – he has seen “what could be” and as a result filed his lawsuit. The “what could be” in the long term would be improved working conditions for other monks at his and other temples.


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