“Maxwell Johnson and his 12-year-old granddaughter were handcuffed in front of a Bank of Montreal in Vancouver while trying to open up an account on Dec. 20. He believes the employee might have been suspicious because he had $30,000 in his account — an amount he and every other member of the Heiltsuk nation received in December from the federal government as part of an Aboriginal rights settlement package. ” https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/indigenous-girl-grandfather-handcuffed-bank-1.5419519

There are a number of different ways this RLE could be used in a May 2020 TOK essay on Prescribed Title #2. The situation the indigenous man experienced in the bank may not seem that difficult on the surface. However, this situation is greater than one episode in a bank and is connected to a long history of racism in Canada. It would be difficult to fully describe what the bank customer experienced without connecting it to the poor treatment of indigenous in Canadian society in the past and present.

It could be argued that in this case there is a solid connection between description and explanation.

However, the bank may offer a different description and explanation for the incident. The bank would likely not want to admit racism had any part of the treatment of the customer. From the bank PR perspective, the link between description and explanation would be different.


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