“Ousted former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn has said the future of the Japanese car giant is in doubt. Mr Ghosn told the BBC that the struggling firm’s results and the drop in its share price worried him. ” https://www.bbc.com/news/business-51064599

Carlos Ghosn’s personal circumstances certainly affect how seriously his views (i.e. “knowledge”) on Nissan are taken. Ghosn’s views of Nissan and the Japanese justice system are not only affected by his legal issues, but also by his escape to Lebanon as well as his nationality.

Also, views and statements made by members of Nissan, members of the Japanese government, etc. are all viewed differently because of their particular background, goals, nationality, etc.

The Prescribed Title asks whether or not it matters that someone’s knowledge will be received differently because of their personal circumstances. In the case of Ghosn’s RLE, it does seem to matter because there are sharp divisions in views that in many cases are based not on facts but on individual agendas and biases. Some people have very strong views of whether or not Ghosn (and other members of Nissan’s executive team) are guilty or not despite the fact that the court case was in its very early stages.


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