“Around 250 Germans on Saturday protested in the outskirts of Berlin where electric car startup Tesla is planning to build a gigafactory, saying its construction will endanger water supply and wildlife in the area.” https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-tesla-gigafactory-germany-protests/youre-stealing-our-water-germans-protest-against-tesla-gigafactory-idUKKBN1ZH0KM?utm_source=reddit.com

Many RLEs that have some disagreement / protest etc. can work well for May 2020 TOK Essay Prescribed Title #5. Whatever situation is under debate can be looked from one perspective (i.e. theory) and contrasted with another.

Tesla’s gigafactory works well since Tesla’s claim to be environmental friendly doesn’t match what the protestors are saying about the effect on local water and wildlife. Even on one side of the debate there will be multiple theories some of which will overlap and some of which will contrast with each other.


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