“Australia’s New South Wales police have disproportionately targeted Aboriginal children under a repeat offender monitoring scheme, a report has said.

The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) looked into the cases of 429 children in 2016-18 under the Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP).

It found that 72% of the children, aged nine to 17, were “possibly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander”.

The NSW police challenged the report, saying 47% were Aboriginal.”


In the BBC article there are conflicting views about whether or not Aboriginal children have been targeted by the police. Both groups involved have very different descriptions and explanations for the situation.

A TOK essay on May 2020 Prescribed Title #2 using this RLE would need to look deeper for the reasons for the different descriptions and explanations. Of course, the focus in the essay has to be on a discussion of whether or not a description and an explanation for a situation are separate things or are connected.


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